Meet the teachers 

Dedicated to providing a hands-on learning experience of Five Element Acupuncture. We will work with you in person, as we were taught, which aligns with the original teaching style of this tradition.

Jane Grissmer

I fell in love with Five Element Acupuncture during my initial studies with Dr. Worsley in England. During 40+ years of clinical practice, I studied other approaches to acupuncture but always returned to the Five Elements as my central organizing principle. WHY? As I grew in clinical experience, I understood more deeply the beauty, simplicity, and effectiveness of this system of medicine. In the mid-1980s, I joined the founding faculty of the Traditional Acupuncture Institute, where I  created cutting-edge experiential curricula for training acupuncture students. I served in many leadership roles, including Chair of Faculty. I originated new curricula in Chinese Herbal Medicine, Sensory Skills, Healing the Emotions, Spirit of the Points, Zang/Fu and Patterns. From 2009 to 2016, I served as Division Chair of Theory at Maryland University of Integrative Health. (link to CV and publications)

Linda Simons

Personal statement to come.