Jane Grissmer: My Approach

I am dedicated to providing a hands-on learning experience of Five Element Acupuncture. I will work with you in person, as we were taught, which aligns with the original teaching style of this tradition.

Jane's statement

I fell in love with Five Element Acupuncture during my initial studies with Dr Worsley in England. During 40+ years of clinical practice, I studied other approaches to acupuncture but always returned to the 5 Elements as my central organizing principle. WHY?

As I gained clinical experience, I understood more deeply the beauty, simplicity, and effectiveness of this system of medicine. I learned what it meant to treat the whole person. A returning patient who says, "I just feel better in myself," brings music to my ears!

As acupuncture moves towards a biomedical model, I am acutely aware of the risk of losing a tradition of healing that is rooted in our senses and follows natural law. There is great joy and clarity of understanding that comes from being with a patient at this interface. I hope my teaching presence will serve as a beacon for those instinctively drawn to whole-person care. The uniqueness of each person and their symptoms, the interconnection of body, mind, spirit, and alignment with one's inherent nature are at the heart of this tradition.

I have partnered and studied with many wise healers and teachers who have given me a wide berth from which to view living and our journey from illness to wellness—a bow to all who have taught and supported me on this path.

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