Our mission: teach the clinical application of Five Element Acupuncture

The underlying principles of Five Element Acupuncture are simple, yet mastering this system of medicine is an art that requires ongoing self-cultivation.

Meet the teachers

Jane Grissmer

I fell in love with Five Element Acupuncture during my initial studies with Dr. Worsley in England. During 40+ years of clinical practice, I studied other approaches to acupuncture but always returned to the Five Elements as my central organizing principle. WHY? As I grew in clinical experience, I understood more deeply the beauty, simplicity, and effectiveness of this system of medicine. I have partnered and studied with many wise healers and teachers who have given me a wide berth from which to view life and our journey from illness to wellness. In the mid-1980s, I joined the founding faculty of the Traditional Acupuncture Institute where I was privileged to engage in the creation of cutting-edge experiential curricula for training acupuncture students. I also served in many leadership roles, from Freshman Year Program Coordinator to Chair of Faculty, and originated various curricula from the Chinese Herbal Medicine Program to Sensory Skill Development to Zangfu and Patterns to Healing Emotions to Spirits of Points. From 2009-2016, I served as Division Chair of Theory at Maryland University of Integrative Health where my mission was to transmit and preserve the theory and practice of Five Element Acupuncture. 

Linda Simons

Personal statement to come.