Core values


The values of the Five Element Acupuncture Association
can be expressed by the four pillars:



fully trained in Five Element acupuncture as taught by JR Worsley.

Commitment to CPD and attend training and courses regularly



all patients’ treatment, notes and discussion will be kept confidential and not shared inappropriately 



all practitioners’ actions should be dedicated to the care and treatment of patients



all practitioner interactions should be coloured by compassion and kindness


Code of conduct of the Association:


All members must act in a professional manner at all times

Professional behaviour with clients at all times – polite and friendly, respecting boundaries

Members should dress in a smart, clean and hygienic manner, befitting a professional, when treating patients

The treatment area should be kept clean and hygienic 

The practitioner should only use sterile and dated needles, only use needles once and dispose of needles immediately in a sharps bin. All sharps bins should be disposed of legally and responsibly when full

Keep clear and up-to-date patient notes for all patients;

a) notes should be understandable and up-to-date, so another practitioner could understand and continue treatment, if necessary
b) patient notes should be kept safely and confidentially
c) each treatment should be clearly documented by date


Patient notes should comprise the following: 

name, address, contact number, presenting complaint, other complaints, medical history, personal history, family, work/occupation, health/diet, drink and alcohol, drugs (medical and otherwise), bowel and waterworks

notes must be kept of every treatment given

all notes should be dated and clearly legible


Members must always act in the patient’s best interests

explain the treatment as necessary

review treatment regularly

answer questions with honesty and give advice only within practitioner’s ability

refer patient on to other professionals (medical or otherwise) when necessary


All members must be committed to continued skill and development training

the Association will organise CPD sessions and seminars which can be attended

other training and development opportunities, such as The Worsley Institute's MAP training should also be encouraged


All members should continue to develop their CSOE skills

with patients, at every treatment 

throughout their practice, business and life, ensuring that the practitioner constantly and consistently sharpens their senses and skills


All members should be respectful of other practitioners

they should not discuss other practitioners in public and not denigrate other practitioners or types of medicine

they should not attempt to take patients from other practitioners


All members should abide by a code of confidentiality to their patients

all information expressed by the patient in the treatment room should be treated as confidential 

any information offered by a patient should only be discussed with others with the express agreement of the patient

all patient notes should be kept in a confidential and dedicated space which should not be seen by other patients or practitioners